Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rome Snowboard Artifact

Rome Snowboard, Rome SDS makes some of the finest snowboards around. If you want to shred get yourself a Rome Snowboard. Check out the Any Means trailer from Rome Snowboard. Oh and get yourself some gear from Rome SDS the season is upon us.

Rome Snowboard Promo

Rome Solution Snowboard - 06

Rome Solution Snowboard Rider Technologies E.1 Core Matrix StraightBiax Laminate S.1 Base Integrated Geometrics Modern, subtle directional shape; Variable TZs; moderate longitudinal core profiling; ample sidecut; standard width Features: True Stance Sidecut with Taper Response: stable in take-off; stable in landing; stable at speed; smooth flexing; carvable Terrain: park jumps; backcounry kickers; old-school new england trails; wide-open powder bowls; secret woods lines Tricks: switch 3s; hand-plants; back lips; laybacks; high-speed banked turns Favorites: slow rotations; bottom turns; free tickets; fun boxes; rock drops into pow Spots: waterville valley; fernie; mountain high; quebec city; mt hood meadows Shredders: marius otterstad; dwayne wiebe (amarmy); phil pare (amarmy); yan dofin (amarmy)

Rome Solution Snowboard - 06

Rome Snowboard